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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Department of Computer Science and Technology (Department of Computer Science for short) was founded in 2002. There are four undergraduate programs, namely software engineering (including mobile development, software testing, and big data application direction), network engineering, and electronic information engineering and digital media technology. It also has many college programs, software technology (mobile development direction), information security and management and so on, which covers the basic skills that are needed for the high-tech IT positions in the Pearl River Delta.

There are more than 50 full-time teachers in the department of Computer Science. Some are experts from the University of National Defense University and Northeastern University, some are senior personnel returning from overseas, and some are double-qualified young teachers from famous IT enterprises with actual project experience. The dean, Professor Zheng Ruozhong is one of the first batches of well-known experts in the field, who is the former National Defense University professor in the Computer faculty. Department of Computer Science has nearly 10 virtual companies in the Student Office & Venture Office (SOVO) and it undertakes real projects from public institutions. In addition, the department focuses on building a laboratory database, software test laboratory, mobile development laboratory, network engineering laboratory, laboratory network security, network attack and defense laboratories, electronic technology laboratory, comprehensive laboratory electronic information, embedded systems laboratory and other specialized laboratories. Department of Computer Software Technology has many provincial key construction programs like software technology and other provincial training base construction projects like computer network security. In the meanwhile, it also has a number of provincial and municipal key teaching and scientific research projects. 

Information Technology and Business Management Department

The Information Technology and Business Management Department, which is also called Information and Management Department for short, was established in 2002. It mainly aims to train senior management personnel with knowledge of information technology and business management.

The Information and Management Department has college and university levels, including multiple academic disciplines and majors of e-commerce, financial management, business management, marketing, logistics management, human resources management, enterprise resource planning and management. It has a provincial key professional major (e-commerce), a provincial practice base (financial management) and a provincial quality resource sharing lesson (CRM) with more than three thousand students in total.

In the teaching and research process, the Information Management Department always adheres to the features of combination of information technology and business management. It focuses on the use of modern management techniques and IT technology. It emphasizes innovation and entrepreneurial team culture and strengthens international exchanges and cooperation between schools and enterprises. Students actively participate in scientific research under the guidance of teachers. At present, there are three institute level studios of business management, e-commerce, and behavioral finance. There are hundreds of thousands of investment per year. Seven innovation and entrepreneurship student teams are formed in the college Business Park and virtual company SOVO institutions.

Digital Art Department

The Digital Art Department has strong teaching and research capacities with various excellent teachers. It is good at cultivating high level talents and supply a large number of digital art industry comprehensive development of application-oriented talents for the Pearl River Delta region. According to China's actual demand for digital art in the surrounding area, seven professional majors are founded, namely the visual communication design, computer multimedia technology, product design, animation design and production, game production, interior design, landscape architecture and design. The faculty of Digital Art Department is with reasonable structure of qualification titles, education background and age. The majority of teachers are with a master or Ph.D. degrees. Some are selected candidates from the Ministry of Education’s New Century Excellent Talents Program; some are returned overseas professionals from Britain, France and other countries. The department hires a large number of senior designers with practical experience from well-known design companies. It forms a long-term strategic cooperation with more than 30 enterprises, and these enterprises are practice teaching bases for students, which are the examples in terms of school-enterprise cooperation of the Academy. In recent years, students guided by the digital art department received more than 3oo awards e in the major competitions in professional skills. 5 won the national gold medal and 9 won the silver medal.

School of International Education

School of International Education is the secondary school in the university. It involves the English Department, Japanese Department and an integrated office with teaching management, student management, administrative and other employment and job functions.

The school integrates the world's advanced educational resources. In the moment, there are more than 10 Chinese and foreign part-time professors, more than 20 associate professors and dozens of visiting experts and professors. There is a team of foreign teachers from the United States, Britain, Japan and Canada who teach language courses and related professional disciplines. The school select outstanding teachers to foreign countries for further study at regular intervals designedly. It encourages teachers to actively establish research partnerships with foreign universities, learning advanced educational philosophy and educational philosophy abroad.

International Cooperation Department

International Cooperation Department was established in 2004, which is the window to the world, and it is responsible for international cooperation and exchange, joint training, development and implementation of student projects; responsible for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan affairs, students, and joint training of student teaching and management; responsible for directing , management and supervision of school activities and the foreign experts and teachers’ employment of teaching department and working arrangement. At present, International Cooperation Department has business cooperation with the University of Huddersfield UK, USA Southeastern Oklahoma State University, the University of Canberra, Australia, Canada century University of Technology, University of Vellore, India, Taiwan Ming University, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, achieving mutual credits transferring, resource sharing, and laboratory building and other related agreements.

Oriented towards preparing students to study abroad and gain domestic high-end job posts, Sino-foreign cooperative education programs conducted by the International Cooperation Department serve all students, and create opportunities to continue their studies. For the purpose of teaching as a fundamental, it engages in training business professionals and software professional talent, cultivating students' ability to use English to learn professional knowledge and ability to use the English language, so that students can learn to adapt courses of foreign universities, and achieve the study abroad successfully.