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Guangdong Impression

Guangdong is located in the southern part of the south China Sea, encompassing a total 179,766 square kilometres. From north to south, the altitudes of landforms decreases.Located near to Hongkong, Macao, enclosing a comfortable limate.


Many international students will choose to study in Guangdong, the international education atmosphere of Guangdong forms with the development of the universities.

Guangdong Food

Cantonese Opera

Cantonese Opera first began enchanting music lovers in Guangdong and Guangxi during the Jiajing period of Ming Dynasty. Combining performing arts such as singing, speaking, incidental music and elaborate costumes and make, it remains a vital part of southern China's cultural heritage.

Guangzhou Puppetry

Guangzhou has many forms of puppetry,including rod puppet.They are an integral part of Cantonese folk arts.

Guangzhou Carving Arts

Gaungzhou Carving arts refer to jade carving,wood carving and ivory carving.Guangzhou jade carving has a very long history.The jade carving warse of Guangzhou are delicate and their ornamental patterns are elegant.Guangzhou's wood carving is famous for its complex procedures,delicate craftsmanship and beautiful design.As to ivory carving.Guangzhou carving artists value the bleaching of ivories and are good at dyeing.Ivory carving produced here are noted for the quality of the iovries and sophisticated carving methods.

Climate in Guangdong

Located on the line of the Tropic of Cancer and between the north latitudes 20°09'--25°31' and the east longitudes 109°45'--117°20', Guangdong enjoys a most favorable geographic location. Guangdong has mainly got a warm and humid subtropical climate with nice mild winters as warm as spring May and long hot and humid summers like a rice steamer.

This typical subtropical marine monsoon weather features a rainy season from April to September and frequent typhoons from May to November. Its annual average temperature varies from 19℃ in the north to over 23℃ in Leizhou Peninsula in the south, which is actually situated in the southernmost tropical area. In January, its average temperature changes from 9℃ in the north to 16℃ in the south, while in July, from 28℃ to 29℃, with an annual evaporation amount of 1000mm in the north and 1200mm in the south respectively.

Influenced by the monsoons from the SE, it has a rich rainfall of 1500mm-2000mm annually with 40 percent falling during the summer. The annual sunshine is about 1750 hours in Northern Guangdong, 1800-2000 hours in the middle, and 2000-2200 hours along the coast. With plenty of rainfall and lots of sunshine, life is thriving. There grows very well a large diversity of vegetation including crops, vegetables, fruit as well as plants.